Below is an initial list of pinball machines that will be at YEGPIN, there should be around 100 pinball machines on the show floor for the entire weekend.

Machines are subject to change and will be updated on a go forward basis up and to the event.

For information on winning your very own pinball machine by bringing a machine please check out the donor page here.



Main Room and Vendor: Freeplay 

Machine Name Manufacture Year Type Machine Description
AC/DC (LUCI Premium) Stern 2013 Modern
AC/DC (Pro) Stern 2013 Modern
Aerosmith LE Stern 2017 Modern
Alien (LE) Heighway 2017 Modern
Alien Poker Williams 1980 Solid State
Atlantis Gottlieb 1975 Electro-Mechanical
Attack From Mars (CE) Chicago Gaming 2017 Modern N/A
Attack From Mars (SE) Chicago Gaming 2017 Modern
Attack From Mars (LE) Chicago Gaming 2017 Modern
Aztec Willliams 1976 Electro-Mechanical
Batman Dark Knight Stern 2008 Modern
Big Game Stern 1980 Solid State
Big Guns Williams 1987 Solid State
Black Belt Bally 1986 Solid State
Black Jack Bally 1976 Solid State
Bram Stoker’s Dracula Williams 1993 Modern
Bobby Orr Power Play Bally 1977 Solid State
Breakshot Capcom 1996 Modern
Buck Rogers Gottlieb 1980 Solid State
Centigrade 37 Gottlieb 1977 Electro-Mechanical
Corvette Bally 1994 Modern
Creature from the Black Lagoon Williams 1992 Modern
Dominos Spooky 2017 Modern
Dracula Stern 1979 Solid State
Dragon Interflip 1977 Electro-Mechanical
Embryon Bally 1980 Solid State
Evel Knievel Bally 1976 Solid State
F-14 Tomcat Williams 1987 Solid State
Fathom Bally 1980 Solid State
Fireball 2 Bally 1980 Solid State
Fireball Classic Bally 1984 Solid State
Fireball Home Version Bally 1984 Solid State N/A
Fish Tales Williams 1992 Modern
Flash Gordon Bally 1980 Solid State
Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro) Stern 2017 Modern
Getaway: High Speed II Williams 1992 Modern
Ghostbusters (Premium) Stern 2016 Modern
Ghostbusters (LE) Stern 2016 Modern
Harlem Globetrotters On Tour Bally 1978 Solid State
High Speed Williams 1986 Solid State
Houdini American 2018 Modern N/A
Ironman Stern 2010 Modern
Jungle Princess Gottlieb 1977 Electro-Mechanical
Laser Cue Williams 1984 Solid State
Lord of the Rings Stern 2003 Modern
Mars: God of War Gottlieb 1981 Solid State
Medieval Madness Williams 2015 Modern
Metallica (Pro) Stern 2013 Modern
Monster Bash Williams 1998 Modern
Mousin’ Around! Midway 1989 Solid State
Nugent Stern 1978 Solid State
Paragon Bally 1978 Solid State
Pirates of the Caribbean Jersey Jack 2018 Modern N/A
Red & Ted’s Road Show Williams 1994 Modern
Rob Zombie’s Spookshow International (SE) Spooky 2016 Modern
Royal Rumble Data East 1994 Modern
Space Invaders Bally 1979 Solid State
Surf ‘n Safari Gottlieb 1991 Solid State
Star Race Gottlieb 1980 Solid State
Star Trek (Starfleet Pro) Stern 2013 Modern
Star Wars (Pro) Stern 2017 Modern
Star Wars (LE) Stern 2017 Modern
Starship Troopers Sega 1997 Modern
Street Fighter II Gottlieb 1993 Modern
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Data East 1991 Modern
The Addams Family Bally 1992 Modern
The Big Lebowski Dutch 2017 Modern
The Hobbit (Black Arrow Edition) Jersey Jack 2016 Modern N/A
The Walking Dead (Pro) Stern 2014 Modern
The Who’s Tommy Pinball Wizard Data East 1994 Modern
Thunderbirds Homepin 2018 Modern N/A
Total Nuclear Annihilation (I) Spooky 2017 Modern N/A
Total Nuclear Annihilation (II) Spooky 2017 Modern N/A
Tron (Pro) Stern 2011 Modern
Twilight Zone Williams 1993 Modern
Vector Bally 1981 Solid State
Volley Gottlieb 1976 EM
Wizard of Oz (Limited Edition) Jersey Jack 2013 Modern
World Cup Soccer Williams 1994 Modern
Wrestlemania Pro Stern 2015 Modern

Tournament Machines: Nitro Pinball – Western Canadian Pinball Championships – TBD
Tournament Machines: DHPL Classics Tournament – TBD
Tournament Machines: Little Flippin Tournament – TBD