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An expo does not happen without donors, and we need games in order for an event like this to be successful!

Collectors and enthusiasts like yourself help make YEGPIN what it is. Without you, this show couldn’t exist.  For your contribution you will receive a FREE all access weekend admission to YEGPIN by bringing at least one Pinball Machine or Arcade Game! The machine must be in good working condition, set to FREE PLAY, and be ready when the show opens. Additionally, special signage will be made up for each machine to show the donors information so you are recognized for your contribution. Transportation can be negotiated for donors looking to bring multiple machines to the event.

Our transport service is top notch and we ensure your machine is well taken care of for the weekend, in all cases the machine either comes back in the same condition or even better once the show is over.

All donor machines brought to YEGPIN will be entered into our various Best in Show competitions, giving you a chance to win various prizes including more entries to win a pinball or arcade machine (tickets are for the same type of machine brought). So bring that prized possession from your game room and let others enjoy it for this yearly event! Who knows? You might just take home a Best of Show award, or better yet win a new machine for your collection!!!! 

How do I sign up?

The first step is filling out the form below. If your games are accepted, you will be contacted at a later date and be asked to sign a document confirming the details of delivery. You will also be asked to sign a release form, excusing YEGPIN and event staff from any liability with regard to the use and transportation of your game(s).

What rewards can I get?

Bring a game, win a game reward program (Yes, you read that correctly, for bringing a machine to YEGPIN you get a chance to win a pinball and/or an arcade machine for your collection). For every pinball machine that you contribute to the YEGPIN you will get a chance to win a brand new pinball machine (valued approx. $10,000). Additionally, you will receive a donor pass, and can also earn guest passes as well depending on how many machines you contribute to the show.

YEGPIN – Donor Pass

  • 4 day all access wristband entry to YEGPIN
  • YEGPIN lanyard and pass designed by Jackson Gee with special donor sticker 
  • Grand prize draw for a mystery pinball machine to be announced at the YEGPIN After Dark party
  • Eligible for 4 other donor prize packages that will be given away at the YEGPIN After Dark celebration
  • Optional pre-registration for limited entry YEGPIN Match Play Championship and/or Women’s Match Play Championship tournaments
  • If you have purchased one of our tournament ticket bundles or volunteered for the event as well as donated a machine you will also receive $75 in credit back (in lieu of a weekend pass) after the show or we can supply you with an additional YEGPIN – Guest Pass to give to friends or family.  

How does the draw work?

If you donate a pinball machine to YEGPIN you can receive up to 5 entries per machine to win a New in Box Stern Pro machine!!!!

The donor prize draws will be held on Saturday night at the YEGPIN After Dark celebration.

1 Entry

For EM or Solid State pinball machines

2 Entries

For Modern DMD or LCD pinball machines

3 Entries

For premium or LE pinball machines

1 Bonus Entry

If you self transport your machine

1 Bonus Entry

If your pinball machine is selected in any our pinball tournaments

Rewards for lending multiple full-sized arcade and pinball machines include the following:

For self-transported games
(Per Household)

  • 1-2 machines = 1 donor pass
  • 3-4 machines = 1 donor pass and 1 guest pass
  • 5-9 machines = 1 donor pass and 2 guest passes
  • 10+ machines = 1 donor pass and 3 guest passes

For games we transport
(Per Household)

  • 1-4 machines = 1 donor pass
  • 5-9 machines = 1 donor pass and 1 guest pass
  • 10+ machines = 1 donor pass and 2 guest passes

* In some cases single game pickups may be considered. 

Be sure to review our Terms and Conditions:

  • Machines (Pinball and/or Arcade) MUST be there the entire weekend (4 Days) to maintain your weekend pass validity. All machines will be tagged with a number.
  • If the machine you brought is removed from the game room before the day is over, YOU will be asked to pay the day(s) pass charge for your lanyard.
  • If you bring a machine, YOU are responsible for making sure the machine stays up and running or providing permission to our on-site technicians to troubleshoot and fix the issue.
  • Neither the YEPGPIN: Pinball and Arcade Expo nor the Millennium Place takes responsibility for any damages done to your pinball or arcade machine.
  • A waiver must be signed by the owner upon delivery of machine to facility or pickup of the machine from their residence.

What types of games is YEGPIN seeking?

We are seeking full-sized video game machines, dance machines, pinball machines, and anything interactive for our attendees that is unique or entertaining. Console collections will not be considered as we have limited floor space.

How should I prepare my game for the event?

All games, whether pinball, video game, or otherwise should be set to free-play. If setting any game to free-play is not possible, the replay value should be set as low as possible, and YEGPIN staff should be notified during the drop-off procedure so they can ensure it is properly credited for the duration of the event. The keys need to be left with YEGPIN and will be returned when pickup is scheduled.

All games should be in working order prior to arrival at the event. If any game is unusable upon arrival, it will not be placed on the show floor or count toward a reward.

Please ensure any loose items or toppers are secured to the game or removed prior to beginning the event so that they don’t fall off or become misplaced.

If your game is schedule to be used in our tournaments, expect that adjustments will be made for it to be suitable for competition pinball. Before we receive the game our expectation is that the machine is in excellent playing shape, the machine is fully cleaned, flippers are strong, pop bumpers and slings are adjusted to be as sensitive as they can be, games have extra ball setting removed.

How can I get my game(s) to YEGPIN?

A drop off schedule will be coordinated with a member of the YEGPIN volunteer team during the last week of the upcoming event. In cases where you cannot drop off your machine we can negotiate a pickup if there are multiple machines being donated for the event. Any out of town guests who wish to bring game(s) must make their own arrangements to get the machine to the facility for setup.

Will there be security?

Yes, the facility will be secured 24 hours a day, and our volunteer team will be on the floor monitoring all machine activity. Abuse of any kind will not be tolerated at the event. You can expected anywhere from 300 – 700 games on your pinball machine over the weekend. Pinball machines are built to withstand thousands of games on them without any mechanical intervention, many of our donor say the machine actually come back to them in better shape then when they left their home. We pride ourselves on making sure all of the machines that are donated are handled with care and that they are working optimally for the entire weekend and when they are back in your home.

What if I have to arrive late or leave early?

We greatly discourage late arrivals or early departures, but we can sometimes make exceptions depending on what game(s) are in question. In all cases, these exceptions should be cleared ahead of time, preferably during the sign up procedure. If your game qualifies for one of these exceptions, you will likely be placed in an area closest to the appropriate loading area to eliminate any additional traffic on the show floor.

What if something breaks on my game?

If you have previously agreed to allow our technicians to fix your game, we will attempt to do so. If you have not agreed to allow our technicians to fix your game, we will attempt to contact you. If we are unsuccessful at contacting you, the game may be removed from the show floor and placed into a storage area. In all cases, our technicians will only attempt to fix basic problems. If a machine arrives and is in need of major repair it may be removed from the show floor, as well you will not qualify for the bring a game, get a game award. The intent of the show is not to use it as a repair service to fix your machine, if a machine is not playable upon being placed on show floor there may be a charge to repair it.