Pinball Machines


Below is an initial list of pinball machines that will be at YEGPIN. Based on previous shows we are anticipating there will be 100 – 125 donor pinball machines on the show floor for the entire weekend.

Machines are subject to change and will be updated on a go forward basis up and to the event.

For information on winning your very own pinball machine by bringing a machine please check out the donor page here.


Machine NameManufactureYearTypeMachine Description
AC/DC (Pro)Stern2013Modern
Alien PokerWilliams1980Solid State
Attack From Mars Bally2017Modern
BlackoutWilliams1980Solid State
Bram Stoker’s DraculaWilliams1993Modern
Buck RogersGottlieb1980Solid State
Centigrade 37Gottlieb1977Electro-Mechanical
Class of 1812Gottlieb1991Solid State
Disco FeverWilliams1978Solid State
Elvira and the Party MonstersMidway1989Solid State
EmbryonBally1980Solid State
FathomBally1981Solid State
Fire!Williams1987Solid State
Fireball ClassicBally1984Solid State
Fireball Home VersionBally1984Solid StateN/A
FirepowerWilliams1980Solid State
FlashWilliams1979Solid State
Flash GordonBally1980Solid State
Future SpaBally1979Solid State
Ghostbusters (Premium)Stern2016Modern
Grand LizardWilliams1986Solid State
Hokus PokusBally1976Electro-Mechanical
Iron Maiden (Pro) (I)Stern2018LCDN/A
Iron Maiden (Pro) (II)Stern2018LCDN/A
Iron Maiden (Premium)Stern2018LCDN/A
Iron ManStern2010Modern
Jet Spin (I)Gottlieb1977Electro-Mechanical
Jet Spin (II)Gottlieb1977Electro-Mechanical
Joker Poker (I)Gottlieb1978Solid State
Joker Poker (II)Gottlieb1978Solid State
Laser CueWilliams1984Solid State
Mars: God of WarGottlieb1981Solid State
Metallica (Pro) (I)Stern2013Modern
Metallica (Pro) (II)Stern2013Modern
MillionaireWilliams1987Solid State
NBA FastbreakBally1997Modern
NugentStern1978Solid State
ParagonBally1978Solid State
PinbotWilliams1986Solid State
Slick ChickGottlieb1963Electro-Mechanical
SorcererWilliams1985Solid State
Space StationWilliams1987Solid State
SupersonicBally1979Solid State
Star Trek (Starfleet Pro)Stern2013Modern
Star Wars (LE)Stern2017Modern
Terminator 2: Judgment DayWilliams1991Modern
The Machine: Bride of PinbotWilliams1991Solid State
The Walking Dead (Pro)Stern2014Modern
The Walking Dead (Premium)Stern2015Modern
Time MachineData East1988Solid State
Tri-ZoneWilliams1979Solid State
Total Nuclear Annihilation (II)Spooky2017ModernN/A
Tron (Pro)Stern2011Modern
Twilight ZoneWilliams1993Modern
XenonBally1980Solid State