Pinball Machines


Below is an initial list of pinball machines that will be at YEGPIN. Based on previous shows we are anticipating there will be around 125+ donor pinball machines on the show floor for the entire weekend.

Machines are subject to change and will be updated on a go forward basis up and to the event.

For information on winning your very own pinball machine by bringing a machine please check out the donor page here.

Pinball Machine – Free Play Area

Machine NameManufactureYearType
AC/DC LEStern2012Modern
Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle and FriendsData East1993Modern
Alice Cooper: Nightmare CastleSpooky 2018LCD
Attack From Mars Bally1992Modern
Avengers (Pro)Stern2012Modern
Batman ForeverSega1995Modern
Big Buck HunterStern2005Modern
Big GameStern 1980Solid State
Black Knight: Swords of Rage (Pro)Stern2018LCD
Centigrade 37Gottlieb1977Electro-Mechanical
CentaurBally1980Solid State
Charlie’s AngelsGottlieb1978Solid State
Class of 1812Gottlieb1991Solid State
Count-DownGottlieb1979Solid State
Dr. Dude And His Excellent RayWilliams1990Solid State
EarthshakerWilliams1989Solid State
F-14 TomcatWilliams1987Solid State
Fire!Williams1987Solid State
Fireball 2Bally1981Solid State
Fireball ClassicBally1984Solid State
FirepowerWilliams1980Solid State
Fish TalesWilliams1992Modern
Flash GordonBally1981Solid State
FrontierBally1980Solid State
Game of Thrones (Pro)Stern2015Modern
Guardians of the Galaxy (Pro)Stern2017Modern
GorgarWilliams1979Solid State
Grand LizardWilliams1986Solid State
Harlem Globetrotters On TourBally1979Solid State
Haunted HouseGottlieb1982Solid State
High HandGottlieb1973Electro-Mechanical
Hot HandStern1979Solid State
Iron Maiden (Pro) Stern2018LCD
Iron Maiden (LE)Stern2018LCD
Joker PokerGottlieb1978Solid State
Jungle PrincessGottlieb1977Electro-Mechanical
Laser CueWilliams1984Solid State
LectronamoStern1978Solid State
Love BugWilliams1971Electro-Mechanical
Mars: God of WarGottlieb1981Solid State
Mass Effect 2: the Pinball GameHomeBrew2015Modern
Metallica (Limited Edition)Stern2012Modern
MeteorStern1979Solid State
MillionaireWilliams1987Solid State
Monster BashWilliams1998Modern
NugentStern1978Solid State
Old ChicagoBally1976Electro-Mechanical
On BeamBally1969Electro-Mechanical
ParagonBally1978Solid State
PinbotWilliams1986Solid State
Police ForceWilliams1989Solid State
RollergamesWilliams1990Solid State
SinbadGottlieb1978Solid State
SocererWilliams1988Solid State
South ParkSega1999Modern
StarsStern1978Solid State
Street Fighter IIGottlieb1993Modern
Super Mario Bros. Gottlieb1992Modern
SupersonicBally1979Solid State
Super StraightSonic1977Electro-Mechanical
Tales of the CryptData East1993Modern
The Getaway: High Speed IIWilliams1992Modern
TridentStern1979Solid State
Twilight ZoneWilliams1993Modern
WhirlwindWilliams1990Solid State
World Cup SoccerWilliams1994Modern

Announcements Coming in April 2020

Canadian Pinball Championships

YEGPIN – Classics Tournament

Pro Pinball Championship / Womens Canadian Pinball Championship

Little Flippin Pinball Tournament