Priority Draw


  • Due to overwhelming interest for all of the tournaments at YEGPIN: Pinball and Arcade Expo we will using a pre-registration form to determine if we need to proceed with a priority draw.
  • The pre-registration form will be available to submit on our website ( until Thursday, March 3rd, 2022 at 10:00PM. If necessary, a priority draw for the all available tournament tickets will happen on Sunday, March 6, 2022 at 6:30PM. We will televise this priority draw on Twitch at diehardpinball. Once the draw is completed, if necessary, we will develop a wait list for anyone who decides to cancel.
  • The pre-registration form is free to submit, you must provide all applicable information in the form in order to be considered for the remaining tournament tickets at the event. Once the form is submitted you will receive an email confirmation from YEGPIN Pinball and Arcade Expo.
  • You will be able to pre-register for the Match Play Championship, Women’s Match Play Championship, Pro Pinball Tournament and you can indicate if you want to purchase a 4 day pass if awarded a ticket.
  • Just like the previous purchase process, you can add up to two different people on your pre-registration form. As in the previous purchase process names cannot be duplicated and must be the proper name of the attendee. We will be validating ID at the event and if it does not match the ticket it will be voided at the Expo.
  • Please do not duplicate or add individuals to other forms. If there is duplicate entry of an individual, the form will be voided.
    – For example Joe Smith, adds Deb Smith to pre-registration form, then Bob Smith adds Deb Smith to his pre-registration form, both parties will be notified and the both submissions will be voided. (One lottery ticket per person will be strictly enforced).

    Priority Draw Details:
  • We will only do a priority draw if the demand exceeds the capacity for tickets.
  • We will post all of the pre-registered ticket entries on our website and assign a draw number, this by when it was processed order of their draw form.
  • We will post on how many available tickets will be available for each of the tournaments.
  • We will draw one number and will award each tournament in the specified draw order.
  • For example:
    – Remaining tickets: Match Play Championship: 250, Pinball Pro 40, Women’s Match Play Championship 50
    – Number of People in Draw: 350
    – Draw Number: 200
    – Award tournament tickets: Award those that selected the tournament starting from 200 and on.
    – Match Play Championship 200 – 350, 1 – 50 (Award Tickets). Ticket 51 – 199 (Waiting List)
    – Pinball Pro: 200 – 240 (Award Tickets). 241 – 199 (Waiting List)
    – Women’s Match Play: 200 – 250 (Award Tickets). (251 – 199) (Waiting List)
  • YEGPIN will be awarding all of the tournaments at the same time so if you stated you wanted all three tournaments, and they all have capacity when you number is drawn you will be entered into all of them until filled.
  • If you are awarded a spot via priority draw you will have 72 hours from email notification to process your invoice that will be sent from YEGPIN Pinball and Arcade Expo for the tournaments you were successful in getting.
  • – Please ensure your email address is correct on the pre-registration form we are not responsible for incorrect addresses, and if we do not receive a a payment to your registration we will be void the entry and we move onto the next available person on the waitlist.
  • – Instructions will be sent to you to process your transaction. You cannot transfer the registration, if you decide you do not want to process the ticket that is attached to your name then we cancel the ticket entry and move to the waitlist to process the next priority entry until all tickets have been sold. – – Our team will be validating every registered purchase and if the first name, last name do not match valid ID at time of event registration your entry will be voided at the show.